BlockFi Credit Card

The BlockFi credit card is fairly simple. There is no huge investment or staking required to qualify for cashback. Also there is no different tiers you can climb and the cashback rate is quite fix. The earned cashback is paid in Bitcoin which makes it quite interesting as long-term investment.

Card Benefits

Cashback bonusDetails
general cashback1,5%lifetime
Intro bonus3,5%for 90 days, max 100$
Spend bonus2%increased rate when spent more than 50k $ / year
Trading bonus0,25%max 500$ / month

In addition to that, you will get bonuses for holding stablecoin assets.

BlockFi infos

BlockFi still is an underdog in the crypto credit card field. This is mainly caused due to the fact, that the card is currently only available for US residents. As a european iam sadly not qualified to order and test the card by myself. As far as i know, they are planning to expand to europe as well.
If you should be interested in their card and potential updates you might consider signing up already.